3 Reasons A High-Wattage Motor Is Important With An Industrial Vacuum

The process of investing in industrial cleaning equipment can be a tricky thing. Not many people have a lot of experience with industrial cleaning equipment, so picking a unit can be a little like trying to hit a bullseye in the dark. It is never good to make a selection without a little insight, so there are specific attributes of industrial vacuum cleaners that you should be looking for while you shop. A high-wattage motor is one of those attributes. Check out some of the reasons it is a good idea to invest in a Windsor Sensor vacuum with a high-wattage motor. 

1. You will get a more consistent operation every time. 

There is one major thing to be said about a high-wattage industrial vacuum, such as the Windsor Sensor. These vacuums give reliable and consistent function every time a user turns the vacuum on. This is partly due to the high-wattage motor. High-wattage motors carry electrical current more consistently, which means it is going to be unlikely to see problems with varied airflow at different times. When using a vacuum for industrial purposes, consistency in operation is probably going to be one of the most important factors during vacuum uses. 

2. You get excellent pick-up power when using the vacuum. 

The whole purpose of using a vacuum is to pick up debris, so pick-up power is super important, and part of that pick-up power actually comes from the rotating brush. You do not want a vacuum that will get bogged down if it sucks in a heavier item or a large volume of debris at one time. Therefore, having a powerful motor-powered rotating brush to thrust items into the suction tunnel quickly gives them a propelled start and it is less likely that you will end up with clogs. 

3. You will get stronger airflow through the vacuum. 

It is a common misconception that airflow and suction power are the most important attributes of a good industrial vacuum cleaner. However, motor wattage is just as important as airflow and suction ratings. Airflow is an important factor with vacuum cleaners, for sure, and so is suction power. If the motor is not powerful enough to keep consistent airflow, you also will not get the same suction power or the same airflow. Therefore, it is actually really important to have a vacuum that has a motor on it that operates at a higher wattage. 

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