Backup Wrenches 101: An Introduction

They say you can tell a lot about a mechanic or a working person by the type of tools they keep in their toolbox. If you have a backup wrench in your toolbox, it probably means you like to get things done without having to ask for help. If you have never heard of a backup wrench, you really should get familiar with this industrial-level tool. Check out some of the most common questions and answers about backup wrenches. 

What is a backup wrench?

A backup wrench is a tool that is used to hold torque on a nut to prevent it from moving. Unlike an actual wrench, a backup wrench does not have an elongated handle, and it is designed to stay in place even when your hands are nowhere near the tool itself. These wrenches have a heavy-duty design that will not break or falter under serious pressure, which makes it an ideal item to have for industrial applications. 

What are backup wrenches used for?

Backup wrenches are used for all kinds of industrial purposes, but they are just as handy to have around in regular tooling environments. For example, if you are working on an engine, and there are nuts on the side of a block that need to be held sturdy while you work on the opposite side, a backup wrench holds torque on the nut in a hands-free way so you can continue working without having to have extra hands to help you out. 

How do backup wrenches stay in place?

Backup wrenches have the same tightening mechanisms as usual wrenches to hold them in place tightly on a nut. However, most of them also have a strong magnetic interface that keeps the wrench held against the nut to prevent it from slipping off.

The wrench also has a tensioning bolt that allows you to tighten the tool in place or to size so precisely that it stays put. Once the job is done, you simply release the tension with the tensioning bolt and pull the wrench off of the nut. 

Where can you buy a backup wrench?

You can find backup wrenches just about anywhere that carries industrial or mechanical tools. However, not all of the models you will find are the same. Backup wrenches can have multiple features, so make sure you shop around at suppliers such as SMP Specialty Maintenance Products for one that will work out the best for your project.